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·         How to Lawfully Bounty Hunt

·         How to Legally Bounty Hunt

·         How to Bounty Hunt Bail Fugitives

·         Legal Authorities of Bounty Hunters


It may sound simple enough, but way too many folks who do not attend the Bailspeak Bail Training School are ending up in law enforcement investigations, being subjected to district attorney charges, housed in sheriff’s jails, and appearing before superior court judge’s in their courtrooms!


Rex Venator  is a Real Bounty Hunter, and below are examples of how he is viewed by the Bail and Bounty Hunting Community.


“The information and the knowledge.”


“Extremely thorough & highly organized.  Great examples used by instructor to help process the information.  I will be better off, having taken this class.”


“Material was discussed and Rex kept it interesting.  Not only did I enjoy it, I will recommend it!”


“Really enjoyed the up to date factual information, the multi teaching tools had great success.  The instructor [Rex] was very knowledgeable on the topics.  By the class being small it allowed us to learn more efficiently.”


“Quality instruction, great examples of case history.  Great job and instructor likes to teach!”


“[I liked] how interactive the course was and how everything I was interested in or questioned was covered.  Very knowledgeable and helpful and made the course fun!”


“Everything!  Rex is the shit walking dictionary, best instructor!  Give him a raise or let me tase him!”


“The instructor was very animated, and took pride in his work.  Cared about students and really took his job seriously.”


“Very informative.  Glad I picked Bailspeak.  [I liked] that everything is explained clearly.  I had questions and Rex answered them within the course of the class.  It was great, as expected.”


“Great relational stories and examples, positive experiences.  I look forward to learning more about the subjects due to Rex’s teachings.  I know what to concentrate on.”

“Rex, you are an amazing instructor and the handouts will help.”


“Instructor is extremely knowledgeable.  Easy to understand, straight to the point.  I really liked the instructor and all the helpful handouts.”


“Rex was an amazing instructor and he covered all of my questions.  I would love to be associated with Rex to get more knowledge on everything.”


“I am very pleased on how much information was handed out, so I can take the time to look back when I’d like to.  This course taught me a lot of information I did not know.  Rex is an awesome instructor!  Very, very knowledgeable and professional, made it easy and interesting to learn.”


“I liked the energy of the instructor, use of real examples.”


“The info was great.  I would like to take the class again!  The teacher is very animated and positive.  I am ready to start work!”


“How everything was explained and then backed up with handouts.”


“Very detailed and very knowledgeable.”


“I liked everything!”


“How helpful it is on bail and bounty hunting.  You are a very good instructor.”


“[I liked the] presenter and the materials.”


“Everything!  He’s the most amazing man I ever met!”


“[I liked the] facilitator.  Knowledge of materials great.  Liked stories.  Groovy.”


“Handouts, personal experience stories to tie everything together.  Everything was good.”


“Very impressed with instructor.  This is a smart and funny man.”


“Very glad I chose Bailspeak.  I feel prepared to take the state test!  Thanks Rex!!  Rex explains real life scenarios to make sense of bail and bounty hunting.  Thank you for keeping us interested!”


“Very educating, professional.”


“[I liked] how detailed the information was.”

ADVANCED BOUNTY HUNTING is, in my personal opinion, an unfathomable series of protracted questions and answers, for no two bail jumper capers are exactly alike thus all present as wholly unique and to be approached as custom works of art to be revealed only by calculated chiseling away at investigative clues to reveal the masterpiece that is a closed case to be followed by a commission check, money order, or cashier’s check.

WOMEN have been making a strong presence in all Bailspeak 20 Hour Bail Agent Pre Licensing and Continuing Bail Education Classes and in growing numbers over the years.  More and more women are becoming top tier bounty hunters, bail bond company owners, bail agency upper management policy makers, job recruiters, corporate surety vice presidents and CEOs. 

WOMEN have also been engaging in others areas of the California Bail Bond Industry to include working as human resource job recruiters, upper management policy makers in major bail agencies, bounty hunting the mean-streets in pursuit of wanted felony bail fugitives, and even taking action to become Bail Agency Owners now running their own bail bond companies!


These are most interesting times to be living through and involved in with respect to the California Bail Bond, Bounty Hunting, and Bail Education Industries.

HOW TO QUICKLY BE MURDERED as a bounty hunter by a wanted felony bail jumper or by an associate of the same is rather easy—allow yourself to be micromanaged on how to talk, how to dress, what to drive, how to knock on a door, and, most importantly, to alter how you operate in your very specific area of expertise at the unconscionable, social media based badgering of, by and large, anonymous people who haphazardly succumb to a, arguably, mob mentality thread rat-pack that is totally anathema to how true conservatives want people to think while progressives viciously tell people how to “feel”and think—think about that for a moment.


Opinion Editorial by Rex Venator


Bounty hunters are decidedly conservative, so I remain befuddled when people reply on a thread in lockstep bashing exactly how some (let us be consistent with reality and not an Internet connection) unknown thread-starter who ostensibly designed the Facebook post to manipulate how people should respond by posting an image with an almost mind controlling effect set of words with an insidious and predictable outcome on those who reply as commanded.


I couldn’t care less how a man or woman dresses or calls him or herself so long as the person operates within the confines of the local and state laws of his or her area of operation and tolerances of the law enforcement officials holding jurisdiction over said area of operation; who am I, hundreds or thousands of miles away and not an expert in those areas, to make fun of, be mean to, or otherwise attempt to control how another feels or thinks?


Stated differently, true conservative thinkers DO NOT try to tell other people how to live their lives or do their jobs; communist progressives are famous for trying to tell other people how to live their lives, feel and think—think about that for a very brief moment.


For those who add me to so-called groups without asking me and then either post or allowed to be posted pictures of people and then all engage in ad hominem attacks on people I’ve never seen or know nothing about, DON’T!  I will summarily depart from shortsighted and progressive virtual groups that bandwagon knee-jerk on to such things because I’ve seen way too many folks do exactly what others said they couldn’t do; this includes me doing what others said could not be done.


I cannot calculate how many thousands of houses, apartments, campers, trailers, and makeshift dwellings I have cleared, weapon in hand, over the past quarter century, but I can be very clear in that I have never, ever let anyone tell me how to do it; consequently, I am alive and well and still clearing possible locations of wanted felony bail fugitives and without the help or guidance or nonsensical demands of virtual shadows hundreds and probably thousands of miles away.


This opinion editorial will probably conflict with the fragile sensibilities of only those to who it applies and yet be a refreshing and welcome perspective for those who are actually out there and who boldly take calculated steps “...where angels fear to tread” in the Real World of Bounty Hunting.


Author’s Note: “Where Angels Fear to Tread” (1905) is a novel by E. M. Forster, originally entitled Monteriano. The title comes from a line in Alexander Pope's An Essay on Criticism: "For fools rush in where angels fear to tread".

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Opinion Editorial by Rex Venator, Bailspeak’s Primary Instructor


LONG GONE are the California days where bounty hunters roamed the lesser known mean-streets in search of bail bond clients who breached the terms and conditions of their bail bond agreements under very few laws that were written and enacted nearly 150 years ago under the dictum (plural dicta) of a U.S. Supreme Court decision that is rarely, if ever, mentioned in Bailspeak’s CA Department of Insurance Approved Bail Agent Pre-Licensing courses—for good reason.


Indeed, in 1791, the Tenth Amendment was ratified as a part of the Bill of Rights concerning state rights whereby the federal government only has powers over the states delegated to it by the Constitution.


Plainly stated, it is 2015 and with many new laws enacted in just the past five years insofar that it would be charitable to describe those bounty hunting instructors that hyper-focus on 1800s laws as, in my personal opinion, a considerable threat to the California Bail Bond Industry.


Furthermore, it is my personal opinion that sureties, major bail corporations, and mom & pop bail operations would be wholly remiss with respect to protecting the California Bail Bond Industry by exercising what may be deliberate indifference to the radical swing in governmental tolerances and intolerances of both bail agents and bounty hunters who either fail to understand that times and laws change or refuse to acknowledge that one never stops learning new things in bail and bounty hunting.


I have personally spoken to self-described “experts” who speak like it’s 1995—again to be charitable—people may be listening to such folks who do not know current laws and what the authorities will and will not tolerate; consequently, people are being investigated, arrested, booked, charged and even exposing themselves to tortious liability—needlessly!


I do not have all the answers as a bail instructor, but I do know how to instruct people in how to operate within the confines of those laws applicable to transacting bail, bounty hunting, and bail forfeiture risk management in general.


Any person may take action to investigate the backgrounds of nearly every single person who becomes publically known for civil and criminal troubles, and they all—nearly 100% of time without fail—have all continued their bail education online instead of in cutting-edge and live continuing bail education classes.


Bailspeak’s classes are live, State-of-the-Art, and very difficult blocks of instruction designed to protect its Alumni and by force of action those Bailspeak Alumni that go to work for or who strike out as solo bail agency or bounty hunting private businesses and engage with the public in the California Bail Bond Industry.


I wish I could elaborate on what series of events over the past decade that brought this opinion editorial on, but I cannot.  What I can do for those who choose to continue to ignore current events is to encourage calling collect when the time comes.  There are plenty of Bailspeak Alumni out there who will treat you right, within the current laws, and are good people who each contribute to the professional nature of bail and bounty hunting in California.