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CALIFORNIA BOUNTY HUNTING SCHOOL – 20 Hour Bail Agent Pre Licensing is a Mandatory certification to become a Bail “bondsman” Agent and/or to Lawfully Bounty Hunt in California with very few exceptions regarding lawful fugitive recovery. 

This California Department of Insurance 20 hour Approved course exceeds California Bail Education requirements and continuously resets industry standards to become a bail bondsman or bounty hunter with bail certification instruction by veteran bail bonds business owners and active bounty hunters with over two decades of running profitable bail industry companies.


The bail agent pre licensing bail training school set of academic and other practical courses cover the most important aspects of the bail bonds business such as bail bond law and motion, Lawful bail accounts receivable, Lawful bail business operations within the meaning of Insurance and Title 10 Code sections and other timely and relevant bail and bounty hunting topics as follows:


·         Includes Lawful Bounty Hunting Seminar Instruction

·         Includes Bail Enforcement Legal Authorities Training

·         Bail Manual and Dozens of Industry Related Docs Included

·         Concentrates on Personal Attention with Small Class Sizes

·         Is the Fastest Growing Bail Education School in California

·         Is the Most Transparent Bail School in California

·         Is the Most Trusted Bail School in California

·         Is the most studied Bail School model in the Nation

·         Bailspeak Alumni Report 98.5% First Time State Bail Exam Pass Rate

·         Advanced Bail Contract Law Studies – Critical Information

·         Advanced Bail Law & Motion Studies – Student’s Favorite

·         Only Bail School holding Bail Classes throughout California

·         Sun & Mon count for up to 12 hours of Continuing Bail Education!


Please Register and book (special lodging rates for Bailspeak students) lodging, if necessary, at Hotels sooner rather than later if interested.  Bailspeak classes are always held in very small venues by design and in the spirit of personal attention for the best interests of the students attending.


Call the Bailspeak Registrar for information on how to register for this fast approaching California Department of Insurance Approved 20 Hour Bail Agent Pre-Licensing certification class or visit the Bailspeak Mother Flagship Website for loads of information.


“I will begin work as an investigator (bounty hunter) and just wanted you to know that my journey began with Bailspeak and how your class changed my life and set me on a course that is going to be amazing.”

~ Bailspeak Alumnus, January 20, 2016 via Email

Real Quotes from Alumni Writings


“It was difficult for me as I didn’t know what to expect.  By the 3rd day of class, it was very informative and I had a blast learning from Rex.  Thank you!  [I liked] All the lectures and stories how Rex kept us involved and interested all day.  Thank you for everything.  It was awesome!”


“[I liked] the presentation, material covered, instructor’s way of approaching material, and student participation.  Wish it were longer than 3 days!”


“The information was mostly personal experiences of the instructor.  He explained subjects thoroughly.  This motivated me to learn more about the Bail field. Thank you.”


“[I liked] everthing!  From Day 1 to Day 3 the instructor was on point!  There is nothing I didn’t like!  Everything was great!  I really enjoyed the class.  The instructor knows how to teach and what to teach!”


“[I liked] that I learned more about bail.  Rex is an excellent instructor.”


“[Class was] very easy to comprehend.  I found it easy to follow course.”


“[The class was a] Great overview of overall bail industry.  Thanks for passing along your knowledge.”


“Rex is a true professional.  He is very knowledgeable about this subject and passionate in making the profession better!  I’ve taken this class two times now.  It is a great class and a great refresher.”


“[I liked that] the instructor keeps your attention, knowledge, experience and real life examples of what he is actually talking about.  All bail agent/bounty hunters should be required to take this course.”


“[I liked that] I did not fall asleep!  Great use of the exam topic tied in with case law, actual cases, personal anecdotes and history.  Very satisfied with taking this course and would recommend everyone in the bail industry to take this course.”

“[I liked] all the info.  [It was] hands on with factual stories.  [The instructor was very helpful and knowledgeable.”


“I know it’s going to help me in the future.”


“[I liked that it] was interactive and the time went smoothly.”


“[The class is] easy going, very constructive.  Rex Venator is the BEST!”


“[I liked the] info!”


“[I liked] the stories/scenarios.  [It] put things into perspective for me.”


“It [the class] was very interesting, which made the information easy to follow.”


“[I liked] motion Monday, the presentation of material, stories relating to the specific information.  [I am] very impressed.  I wish I had more friends with “Rex’s” level of knowledge.”

“[I liked the] friendliness & openness.”


“Good presentation of the information.”


“I learned a lot and Rex’s teaching style made the course enjoyable.”


[I liked] every bit of it, especially Day 3 motions.  The stories loop everything together and make it all much more retainable.”


“The way the information, along with the hilarious stories are presented ties it all together.  Rex has his real life stories related to the material at hand.”


“Class was perfect.  Very detailed to all aspects of the bail business.  Learned a lot here.  Rex knows his stuff and is a really great guy.”


“Very good information with an instructor who knows his stuff and can keep material interesting.  Instructor knows material “


“How easy he makes it to learn with the stories he tells.  The stories make it easier to recall information.”


“The examples made the laws easier to understand. “


“[I liked that the instructor was] personable, well informed, professional and generous.  Thank you!  Your course has motivated me to study what I don’t know.”