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ADVANCED BOUNTY HUNTING is, in my personal opinion, an unfathomable series of protracted questions and answers, for no two bail jumper capers are exactly alike thus all present as wholly unique and to be approached as custom works of art to be revealed only by calculated chiseling away at investigative clues to reveal the masterpiece that is a closed case to be followed by a commission check, money order, or cashier’s check.

A professional bounty hunter who is, make no mistake, a small business owner and who takes action to escape the trappings of spending money on things before learning if the things will ever be used, will now be prepared to build up his or her bounty hunting rapid deployment equipment bag loaded with the bare basics of bail enforcement equipment.


Now that the prospective bounty hunter has become educated, legal and equipped, he or she must now discover how to market one’s self in order to secure bounty hunting contracts.


If successful, the newly hired bounty hunter must figure out how to track down and apprehend bail jumpers by and through the use of specialized investigative techniques that are designed to mold around each and every case, for no two bounty hunting cases are alike.


In all cases the trick is to go home safely to get paid safely, and prime goals of any successful bounty hunt won’t happen if one is mired up in criminal court, civil court, jail, prison, an intensive care unit, or after being toe tagged and laying about a morgue in pieces.


BAILSPEAK is, arguably, the only Bail Training School in the Nation that has a long and verifiable history of providing both education for bail bondsmen and bounty hunters that is beyond compare and also a bounty hunting specific line of personal safety equipment that addresses all of the above considerations.


Work Smart; Be Safe ~ Rex Venator, Bailspeak’s Primary Instructor

HIGH-RISK BAIL FUGITIVE RECOVERY is a very personal matter understanding that the plain and simple truth is that it is YOUR set of hindquarters making that approach, knocking on that door, and, as a 23-year plus bounty hunting veteran with ZERO post operation liability, never, ever let anyone who is purportedly hundreds or thousands of miles away influence you on how to act, what to wear or what you call yourself and with special emphasis on random Internet posts from people who cannot quantify their backgrounds and present as all knowing for every square mile of how bounty hunting works in all parts of America where there is commercial bail and therefore bounty hunting or, for example, acting as a “bail runner.”


I recently posted numerous job openings to include bounty hunting positions.  Each of the real-deal employers requesting inclusion in the post were not looking for “bail enforcement agents” or “fugitive recovery agents” or a ‘National Director of United States Fugitive Recovery Task Force (illegal verbiage in California) Warrant (a crime to claim in California) Service’ or whatever it is people from all over the United States are calling themselves these days; they are looking for “BOUNTY HUNTERS” to fill hourly and salaried positions with benefits.


Every person must follow their own state laws, but California, for example, has 58 separate counties and each county has many, many different law enforcement agencies with multiple shifts and with numerous courthouses and none of them do everything exactly the same.  Now extrapolate this very true reality to all the states where there is commercial bail and present an argument on what people should wear, identify as, and see if it works in all places at all times; it does not work and may be illegal in my long experience.


Recently, I’ve come across various posts wherein people are writing in pejorative terms about how other people operate in areas where the subjects of ostensible ridicule may or may not be experts in their very specific areas of operations.  I’ve refrained from replying, but allow me some simple latitudes.


As a California Superior Court Recognized Expert Witness in Bail and Bounty Hunting, I can attest that the so-called “low profile” and “dress like the community” and the “flying under the radar” approach has resulted in horrifically tragic consequences.  To be fair to my argument, conversely, people who have pushed the legal standards of impersonating law enforcement have also run afoul with the criminal justice system though not to my knowledge murdered while, as some demand, looking like everyone else in the area or operating “low profile” or “flying under the radar,” which in and of itself has curious connotations, as an expert witness being called upon for folks who were ostensibly “flying under the radar.”


Here we arrive at the photo of the three (3) locations above included with this opinion editorial.


The photos are of recent and very real wanted felony bail fugitive locations.  How is one supposed to approach these locations with just weeks or days left to close a bounty hunt?


Is some largely anonymous and self described experienced bail enforcement agent or fugitive recovery agent really qualified to tell you how to dress, what to call yourself, and how to act when working to apprehend a hard pressed and desperate wanted felony fugitive hundreds and even thousands of miles away?  Really?  Are you sure?


Personally, I operate in such a way and manner that is right for my state’s laws, my geographical location, within the tolerance of each and every local law enforcement jurisdiction, and I will never allow anyone to dictate how I should approach that felony hazard location or tell me how to dress or what to call myself.


I am a Bounty Hunter when I am bounty hunting wanted misdemeanor or felony bail fugitives for the purposes of enforcing a private, civil bail contract and nothing else.  If I were licensed to work in Nevada, for example, I’d be calling myself a “Bail Enforcement Agent,” but I don’t work in Nevada.  While California’s legal term is “Bail Fugitive Recovery Person,” there is no law disallowing myself to call myself a bounty hunter to avoid long conversations everywhere I go and knock.


As for my background, there are photographs going back decades and loads of videos going back long before there was YouTube or Facebook and showing, NOT TELLING, where I come from.


Education really does matter, and I encourage people to seek out and secure reputable bail education in the same exact states where one is planning to operate as whatever one’s state calls bounty hunters.


Y’all be safe and watch your hindquarters out there because it is YOUR six on the line and not some whoever who is not an expert where you operate and tells and does not show.


Thank You ~ Rex

How to Become a Bounty Hunter: consider ignoring largely anonymous folks with no verifiable background in bail enforcement or who are hundreds and even thousands of miles away from where you intend to operate as a fugitive recovery agent, or bail runner, or bail enforcement agent.


Please see the below Opinion Editorial by Rex Venator

Real Student Quote Examples from Real Bounty Hunting Certification Courses


“All information was pertinent and well presented.  Exceeded my expectations.  Interesting, informative, entertaining.  This course and Rex have interested me in the possibility of furthering a career in bail in additional to fugitive recovery.”


“I am new to this type of work and I found it very informative.  It had a lot of information.  It helped me to understand what is happening.”


“[I liked] Learning by examples of situations.”


“The material smoothly transitions and the tests came easier because of it.  I feel like you were the most knowledgeable person that could teach a class like this with your background and experience.:


“This class has given me the knowledge and confidence to be successful in this business.  The stories, they help tie everything together.  Thank you!”


“Rex is the man!!  Very knowledgeable and very passionate about what he teaches us.  Very interactive, very engaging presentation.  Rex is the Man!!!”


“Highly recommended.  [I liked] the class interaction.”


“I liked that Rex was able to simplify some complex information and make it digestible.”


“This course provided a clear and concise delivery on subject matter.”


“The subject matter is new so a little difficult; however, Bailspeak and its employees have been a picture of professionalism.  The ease to which Bailspeak was able to make me feel.  I appreciate Rex’s willingness to understand me as an individual requiring unique treatment.”


“[I liked] the speaker’s ability to make course material relevant.”


“Focused strongly on what I was interested in and gave really good examples.  Glad we took this class!”


“Great personality, tons of educational topics were covered.  Lots of attention for each student.”


Your Bail Bond Fugitive is in one of the three (3) locations pictured to your left.

  • How do you dress?
  • How do you approach?
  • What do you call yourself?

See the Below Opinion Editorial

BOUNTY HUNTING hard pressed and desperate bail jumpers for the purposes of fugitive recovery undeniably requires certain articles of personal safety bail enforcement equipment, but, before one decides to become a bounty hunter, it remains critical to seek out and secure certain fundamental groundwork to include the following:


·         Determining if there is commercial bail in your state

·         Legal requirements to bounty hunt in your state

·         Knowledge of how to legally bounty hunt in your state

·         Acquisition of licensing or certifications in your state if required

·         And Etceteras

BOUNTY HUNTERS are undeniably making a massive comeback in California, and it is equally undeniable that the major bounty hunting recruiters are assigning great weight to Bailspeak Bail Agent Pre-Licensing certified PC 1299 Compliant candidates with said certification from Bailspeak carrying considerable weight and in many cases deemed controlling in hiring bounty hunters or where such organizations are sending new hires to begin or wrap up the 1299 certification compliance process.


Nevertheless, the facts-in-evidence are these: righteous bail bond motions that are legally on point, inclusive of all “legally required notice,” properly and timely served, expeditiously argued if opposed at all, and not cookie cutter versions or obviously scrambled together still results in favorable rulings from California Superior Courts.


Amazingly on-point is a message now under a review.  Just yesterday this Office received yet another query from another major bail agency employer that could very well be a considerable set of job offers for Bailspeak Alumni as both writing bail agents and bounty hunters!


I am beginning to see real results from years of providing state-of-the-art bail education that matters to protect the public and by force of action the California Bail Bond Industry.


WHEREAS bounty hunters who solely bounty hunt are considered, bounty hunters who can bounty hunt with a working knowledge of spotting legal technicalities are finding greater demand for their services in an effort to reduce the liability associated with going through a door versus identifying procedural errors in the court files—these facts are incontrovertible.


“Hey Rex,


This is Chuck from the Salida—Modesto class earlier this month.


I just wanted to let you know that I was contracted to hunt a $50,000 skip that fled to my island from Washington State.


The recovery agent called me, and, after we talked for a couple minutes, I told him I just returned from California where I took your course.


Mentioning you and Bailspeak earned me instant recognition as a working, knowledgeable professional, and we talked for approximately 45 minutes.


Your name travels wide and is well respected.  I'm sure you already know that, but I just thought that I'd pass this on.


Have a good day Rex and thank you again, Sir.”


Email from Hawaii Bail Agent and Bounty Hunter ~ March 29, 2014

“A notable percentage of a California powerhouse in the California Bounty Hunting Industry is made up of an Elite Group of Top Producing Bailspeak Alumni.”


 ~ 25DEC15, Source: Name Withheld for Operational Security Purposes

“Instructor is very knowledgeable.  Very interactive.  Great course!”


“I learned a lot about law, very informative.  I think it was great and so was the instructor!”


“ Depth of information not typical of most courses.  Good, lively atmosphere, engaged learning.”


“Everything was very helpful and Rex kept it interesting.”


“Good instructor.  Instructor experience.”


“Very professional and knowledgeable.  I loved how it was related to actual events that pertained to real life.  I don’t have any dislikes!  Very professional.”


“Lectures and handouts!”


“How Rex brought in real life situations to the codes.  Thank you for bringing light on all codes.  I was lost, Rex found me.”


“Kept me awake.”


“So much good info!  See you next time!”


“Learned a lot.”