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How a Bail Enforcement Agent may Transport his or her Personally Registered Firearm, Gun, Ammo and Magazines as a Bounty Hunter who is Tracking Bail Jumpers for the purposes of Fugitive Recovery.

WANTED FELONY BAIL FUGITIVES are no different than wanted felony fugitives insofar that the inclusion or exclusion of the word “bail” in the status of one’s fugitive status carries absolutely no weight to the fugitive in question and therefore should not be deemed controlling in how a fugitive is apprehended with respect to one’s arrest or attempted arrest of bail jumpers by private citizens enforcing a private bail contract.


Stated differently, there is no such thing as a “routine” bail arrest.


There is no distinction from a fugitive’s perspective between government law enforcement and private bail bounty hunters when one or the other is trying to handcuff, transport and book said fugitive into a county jail—none whatsoever.


There are, however, major differences between the legal authorities that separate a law enforcement booking versus a private bail contract booking.


Notwithstanding the legal authority differences, the plain and simple truth is that a fugitive will either comply, evade, resist or violently resist being apprehended irrespective of who is making the attempt.


Therefore, Bailspeak has supplemented its bail bond and bounty hunter pre-licensing certification training with an ever – evolving online bounty hunting equipment store.


In closing, the primary goal of every bounty hunter is to go home safely to get paid safely, and that is what matters for the purposes of this mini opinion editorial in relation to the associated photograph.


All Y’all watch out for your collective Sixes and go home safe.


Thank you for your time ~ Rex, Bailspeak’s Primary Instructor

Rex Venator is a 23 Plus Year Bounty Hunter, 17 Year Plus Bail Bondsman, and the Primary Instructor for the Bailspeak Bail Fugitive Recovery Certification Training School.

See Rex Show You the Bailspeak 26050 Kit in the Below Video along with other Store Products.

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Black or OD Green

Why is all the Above Important?


Please See the Below Real Life Foot-Chase and Apprehension of a Wanted Felony Fugitive for Context on the Bounty Hunting Business.

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·         1 (ea) 14” Lockable Magazine Hard Plastic Case

·         1 (ea) 17” Lockable Firearm Hard Plastic Case

·         1 (ea) AR500 8x10 Level III A Firearm Safety Backdrop

·         1 (ea) 150,000 Volt Single 9 – Volt Stun Gun Dog Deterrent

·         1 (ea) Peerless Handcuffs with 2 Keys

·         1(ea) Backyard Pathfinder Device


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Bounty Hunter Firearms Transportation Safety Kit – Model 26050

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BOUNTY HUNTERS HAVE BEEN ARRESTED and criminally charged in California courts for failing to legally transport their firearms while pursuing bail jumpers—some out of ignorance, others were admittedly “being lazy.”


I have declared some new bounty hunters N.R.T. or Not Responding to Training after witnessing these persons remove their duty belts with a holstered, loaded firearm and either toss the rigs whole and complete somewhere in a vehicle in plain view or stuffed into a bag resulting in paragraph one above.


WHAT IF a firearm accidentally discharges while loading or clearing it?


WHAT IF a stray bullet fired from your gun or pistol injures, maims, or kills an innocent because of incompetent or otherwise thoughtless actions on the part of you the shooter?


The Bailspeak 26050 Firearms Transportation Kit profiled—along with some other very important articles of equipment to consider—in this video causes the bounty hunter to establish a routine of lawful transportation sequences and weapons charging and clearing in the furtherance of building up muscle memory to get it lawfully right, irrespective of fatigue, and to protect the public. 


Remember, this is about bounty hunting and not security work, so replies about BSIS permits commonly carried by security guards is way off point and has no legal standing from a professional bail enforcement agent’s perspective of which is a heavily covered topic in live bail school classes.


MOREOVER, the Bailspeak 26050 Firearms Transportation Kit has a built in Level IIIA panel weapons charging and clearing backstop or makeshift clearing barrel built into the kit to avoid any tragedies such as what is considered in paragraph four (4) above.


This method of bounty hunting with a firearms arrives from over 31 combined years of military and civilian law enforcement training and experience, including 23 plus years professionally bounty hunting, and also including over 17 years not just a bail bond agency owner but employer of independent bounty hunters who receive bail jumping cases out of this Office.


My personal system of transporting firearms is conceptually the same but a much more expensive set of various items to make up what has been value engineered and all in one place for both new and veteran bounty hunters at less than a third of the costs.


The concepts explained above and briefly demonstrated in the video are in totality another Bailspeak original set of thoughts for today’s Modern California Bounty Hunters.


Thank you for your time and consideration ~ Rex, Bailspeak’s Primary Instructor