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Bail Specific Tactical Medicine Training and Kits, offered for the first time specifically for professionals the California Bail Industry, are now available understanding that hunting wanted felony fugitives is potentially hazardous to both the hunters and the hunted. 


Today’s Modern Day Bounty Hunters can stabilize their teammates and bail jumpers or injured third parties for minor and even traumatic injuries should an attempted fugitive bail apprehension result in gunshot wounds, stabbings, and other results of felony fugitives violently resisting arrest and should first responders be too far away to save a team member.


While many returning veterans and fugitive recovery agents may have first aid training, the point of these courses is not to carry a first aid kit in a vehicle trunk and then hope to retrieve said kit when an injury or injuries occur, but, rather, due to the nature of bounty hunting, it is critical that each team member actually carry his or her OWN FIRST AID supplies on his or her actual person to be accessed by his or her First Aid Trained team members for the actual first aid for the injured bounty hunter or other person who carries his or her own Individual First Aid Kit! 


Time is critical, and this All New Bailspeak Training course will help prepare you and your team for the harsh realities of bounty hunting on the mean-streets of California and anywhere else bail is legal.

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BEA Tac Med Thigh Rig


Course Completion Required

Tac Med & Taser Course

Tac Med & Taser Course


  Will Call Only with Completion of Course of Training - 14 Items


  • 1 each SWAT Tourniquet, Black
  • 1 each H&H Thin Bandage – Flat Fold
  • 1 each QuickClot Combat Gauze Z-Folded, X-Ray 3” x 4yds
  • 2 each T Olive Drab Tactile Nitrile Glove Large – 1 rolled pair
  • 1 each 2” by 10yds Dura pore Adhesive Tape
  • 1 each Halo Chest Seal
  • 1 each TPAK – Tension Pneumothorax Access Kit
  • 1 each ABD Combine Pad 5” x 9” Sterile 1s
  • 1 each Nasopharyngeal 28 Fr airway w/ lubricant
  • 1 each Adsafe CPR Face Barrier Key Chain
  • 1 each EMT Shears, Black handle
  • 1 each Asherman Chest Seal
  • 1 each NAR Operator BLS/IFAK Bag OD


Ship or Will Call No Training Class Required

but strongly suggested – 11 Items


  • 1 each Laerdal CPR Face Shield
  • 1 each SWAT Tourniquet, Black
  • 2 each Defender T Olive Drab Tactile Nitrile glove Large – 1 rolled pair
  • 1 each Halo Chest Seal (2 seals per package)
  • 1 each 5.5” EMT Shears, Black handle
  • 1 each QuickClot Combat Gauze Z-Folded, X-ray 3” x 4yds
  • 1 each 2” x 10yds Durapore Adhesive Tape
  • 1 each ABD Combine Pad 5” x 9” Sterile 1s
  • 1 each 4” x 5yds conforming gauze, non-sterile
  • 1 each Statpacks “Traverse” Thigh Rig, Black


Emergency First Aid Fugitive Recovery Agent Tactical Medicine and TASER Tactical Awareness Courses for Bail Enforcement Agents Practicing the Bounty Hunting Art of Apprehending Wanted Felony Fugitives


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Opinion Editorial by Bailspeak’s Primary Instructor, Rex Venator


Reports of bail agents and bounty hunters being forced into violent confrontations with dishonorable and decidedly disreputable people who first promised to appear for court, jumped bail, became fugitives, put at risk the money and property pledged upon their behalves by their own family and friends, and then tried to inflict great bodily harm or death upon private citizens attempting to enforce private civil bail contracts is on a discernable rise.


As a small business owner, I don’t study what other people are doing to spot upcoming trends that may be “all the rage” because doing so doesn’t amount to creating products, third party product kits, and meaningful services; I’d much rather prefer to look at what people either need or will need and then take action to create something otherpeople will study and who wait to see if the idea has any marketplace traction, and then jump on board while waiting to jump back off before the ostensible “fad” loses interest with consumers.


This concept of studying what people truly need—not creating something for people to need—is both something that most shortsighted folks cannot do and also forms the foundation upon which an idea goes to concept, then research and development, and then prototyping, and finally an actionable plan for the first offering.


Here I’d like to expound a bit on Bailspeak’s upcoming Taser User Awareness Training for Bail Enforcement Agents & Fugitive Recovery Agent Tactical Medicine combination courses, but, unfortunately, I can’t delve into too much detail because history proves, over and over again, that people are watching—see paragraph 2 above.


Irrespective of one’s political positions on current events, one would be remiss to disregard that the need for both equipment and training has become a critically time-sensitive set of matters whereby both the days of solo bounty hunting with a revolver and pair of handcuffs have been modernized, arguably, to a personal safety need of working in well trained teams with each member having the option to wear armor capable of stopping rifle rounds and the basic medical supplies and knowledge to administer emergency first aid, if absolutely critical, long before a team member or members can fall under the angel-like hands of first responders and skilled trauma surgeons, in my personal opinion.


Taser offers Conducted Electrical (hereafter called “Tasers” as is more commonly known to the public at-large) Weapon models that are very complicated technological devices that must be deployed within the keeping of justifiable use of force hybridized standards common to law enforcement and private citizen self-defense rights and all while maintaining tactical advantages and all of which requires a combination of bail educational training that is specifically value engineered not specifically for peace officers but for private citizens who are enforcing private civil contracts and by doing so can save mom and dad’s or the grandparent’s money and property.


It isn’t difficult to find anonymous Internet trolls making menacing arguments that bounty hunters have no legal business on another’s property and may be shot and killed at will.  The sad part is that it is equally easy to find more anonymous people agreeing with these atrocious and repulsive trolls.  The truth is that people who do shoot and kill bounty hunters or bail agents are, in most cases, charged and convicted of murder and with a multi decade prison term to serve not out of the question; consequently, those tasked with bail fugitive recovery operations must take precautionary steps long before attempting a lawful bail apprehension and not as an immediate set of regrets immediately after something bad happens, in my personal opinion.


While there are other Taser and Tactical Medicine courses out there, none, and I mean NONE, are, at the time of this writing, specifically developed by a veteran bounty hunter for bounty hunters and with the firearms portion of what will become a multi-day course now in research and development.


Please do your own research on news reports and study how law enforcement, district attorneys, courts, and juries hold on such matters when considering the points raised in this opinion editorial in its totality.


Please, you all go home safely to get paid safely ~ Rex, Bailspeak’s Primary Instructor

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