S.W.A.T. Grade Tactical Mirror Cam
Bounty Hunter Hook & Book Mirror and Camera Telescopic Pole

S.W.A.T. Level Tactical Mirrors are a critical tool when going into a Felony Hazard Incident with special emphasis on attempting to apprehend Wanted Felony Fugitives.

The incontrovertible facts-in-evidence are these: law enforcement S.W.A.T. teams who are attempting a felony warrant service and even United States Deputy Marshals who are going after the same high-risk people bounty hunters are going after; desperate and hard-pressed fugitives couldn’t care less who is there with handcuffs; violent fugitives on the run are from a historical sense very dangerous or are “The Most Dangerous Game.”


On this Real Bounty Hunting Bail Enforcement Online Supply Store by Bailspeak are Street Proven items by both law enforcement and adopted and even repurposed by highly specialized bounty hunters with an expansive history of successfully and safely hunting bail jumpers for nearly a quarter of a century.


Items common to a local police supply store have long been discarded from this Bail Fugitive Recovery Online Store in favor of freely admitted high-end products that have been Street Proven by Real Bounty Hunters.


The profiled Bounty Hunter Hook & Book Mirror Cam is yet another result of protracted study by the Venator Group Research & Development Team of shadow folks moving and shaking in the service of the bail professionals operating in the United States of America where there is commercial bail.


The Above Video was Shot in One Take before a Live Bail Bonds and Bounty Hunting 20 Hour Pre Licensing Class.

The Bailspeak Bounty Hunter Hook & Book Mirror Cam isn’t something that most folks would give a second look until they themselves come to the realization that they are literally committing their faces and heads to being shot by a wanted felony bail jumper when looking around corners, up into attics, down into crawlspaces or under a house and etceteras.


The Bailspeak Real Bounty Hunting Online Store is the Street Proven and profiled bail enforcement fugitive recovery search mirror now available in various configurations to include a generic version pole, mirror, tactical light standalone, and the aforementioned with the Extreme Sports and highly versatile Drift Body Cam that can be recording and viewed in near real-time on a smart phone after downloading the Drift App.


Bailspeak is a California Department of Insurance Approved Bail Bond and Bounty Hunting School holding classes from Sacramento to San Diego and in many, many places between to include an ultra exclusive Bail Instructor Academy at a Sub Rosa Location.

Tactical Telescopic Pole, Mirror, Light, Camera Specs


Telescopic Top to Bottom Closed


Approximately 28 ¼ Inches


Telescopic Top to Bottom (adjustable) Extended


Approximately 66 ¼ Inches


Weight with Light, Mirror and Camera


Approximately 3.4 Pounds


Mirror Diameter


Approximately 5 ½ Inches


Bounty Hunter Hook & Book Mirror with Optional Camera


Pole, Mirror, Light Only




Same as Above with Drift Ghost-S Extreme Bounty Hunting Camera



Tactical Mirror



At any Live Bailspeak Class Regularly Held in : Sacramento, Modesto, San Jose, Bakersfield, Los Angeles County, Riverside County, and San Diego County.


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