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Today’s fugitive recovery agents must be mindful that more and more bail fugitives are being encouraged to violently resist arrest—despite promising to family, friends and loved ones (who pledged money and or property on behalf of the bail jumper) that he or she will appear as promised—by, frankly and plainly stated, anonymous, dastardly, and cowardly Internet Trolls who openly post highly misguided personal opinions that “ is okay to shoot bounty hunters,” which is purely and simply a massive distortion of how the private bail contract, private contract analysis, and post “failure to appear” remedies work in the United States where there is commercial bail.


Empirical evidence suggests that the pendulum has swung from sensitivity training to avoid harming the fragile psyche of wanted felony fugitives back to very literally hunting wanted felony fugitives who may resist arrest or, as historically proven by real tragedies, bounty hunters may be forced to immediately switch from attempting a lawful bail arrest to very literally fighting for one’s life or the lives of bounty hunting team members and innocent victims!


Bailspeak and its primary instructor, Rex Venator, get information from the California Bail Industry at the Speed of a Text and instantaneously respond with original instructional content, training courses, and, as shown in this teaser video, a whole new line of bail enforcement agent safety equipment for those practicing the bounty hunting arts.

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A bounty hunter should consider not relying on training that instills rehearsed responses to predictive outcomes and, instead, focus on training that is designed to respond to changes in conditions with an emphasis on being so simple and without structure that such training is designed to mold and adjust to the matter at hand; these shapeless principles create the difficult task that today’s instructors must master as a sacrosanct teaching responsibility to students who intend to go into felony hazard situations—in my personal and professional opinion as a fugitive recovery training instructor. ~ Rex Venator, 2014


Fugitive Recovery Training in California is comprised of bail education in numerous parts of the many codes that makes up California laws to include the California Constitution, published case cites, and it is equally critical to have a working knowledge of how federal law may or may not apply to bounty hunting activities and in direct relation to operating as a bail enforcement agent.


In the above video, shot in 2004, how to approach a wanted felony bail fugitive is demonstrated with the understanding that not all fugitive recovery agents can run up on all bail jumpers and force the latter to the ground; at some point the bounty hunter will encounter he or she that will make the “hunter the hunted.”


Bailspeak is a California Department of Insurance Approved Bail Education Provider with nearly 4,000 Alumni and with many who are now working in the fugitive recovery, bail bonds, or bail bonds ministerial areas of the California Bail Bonds Industry.


In point of incontrovertible fact, today, more than ever, top bail bond recruiters actively seek out Bailspeak Alumni to fill positions in top ranked bail bond companies and corporations.  Moreover, bounty hunters and bounty hunting team leaders have openly expressed a preference towards Bailspeak Alumni for slots on their fugitive recovery teams or in-house bail enforcement divisions for the larger bail corporations.


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A California Bail Fugitive Recovery Course Training Program should be taught by a veteran California Department of Insurance licensed bail agent, a veteran bail fugitive recovery agent who is and has been Penal Code 1299 Compliant, an advanced bounty hunter who is skilled in legally securing court orders that set aside bail bond forfeitures and exonerations of bail bonds via bail bond motions, and as an instructor who is a published author and with a history of acting as an expert superior court bail witness, and also as a National Guest Speaker at surety held bail bond conventions.


Luckily, there is such a person, and that person is the primary instructor for the Bailspeak Bail Agent Pre Licensing and Bail Education School that has nearly 3,000 bail education Alumni and has been deemed by its own students as California’s most transparent, fastest growing and most trusted name in the California Bail Education list of bail education providers.


REX VENATOR put actionable military and civilian law enforcement training and experience into service as an upstart bounty hunter in the early 90s and has flourished into the Number 1 bail education school now holding private and public classes in Roseville, Sacramento, Modesto, San Jose, Bakersfield, Los Angeles County, Riverside County and San Diego County with all of which Approved by the California Department of Insurance as a dual certification course for those wishing to get people out of jail, put bail jumpers back in jail, and to lawfully attack procedural technicalities in open court via the bail motion to set aside forfeitures and exonerate bail bonds as an agent of a numerous property and casualty insurance sureties.


If you are looking for your insider’s way into learning about how to become a fugitive recovery agent who practices the bounty hunting arts as a California Bail Fugitive Recovery Person then this is the training program that meets all your reasonable expectations and California legal requirements—bar none.


Bailspeak is a California Department of Insurance Approved Bail Education Provider now with nearly 3,000 live bail class Alumni and with many now working in various areas of the California Bail Bond Industry.


Please feel free to ring the Bailspeak Registrar for enrollment assistance at





Opinion Editorial by Rex Venator – See Rex’s Bio HERE


Bounty Hunters and Bail Agents have, in point of fact, been injured, maimed and murdered while making or attempting to apprehend wanted felony fugitive bail jumpers; accordingly, this online Bounty Hunting Pro Store has been redesigned and value engineered to offer specialized supplies, gear, and other types of equipment that are high-end, top of the line, and with little to no profit margins for the store itself.


Since the revamped Real Bounty Hunting online store was launched late last year, it has started to rank in the top spots regarding Internet searches for bail related bounty hunting gear; consequently, others in the same area have responded by touting how inexpensive or, rather, having a “larger selection” or “affordable pricing” to the extent that the priority, in my professional opinion, is that no person should be trying to get the cheapest merchandise out to people who either track or intend to track wanted felony fugitives with some of these very dangerous fugitives and maybe even their associates looking at 25 to life in state prison if captured.


I could very easily direct my staff to load up this online bounty hunting store with an even “larger selection” of miscellaneous, sub-standard products common to law enforcement, but doing so isn’t what this store is about; this store is about good people doing their jobs safely to go home safely to get paid safely, and I can attach no wisdom nor align my personal moral compass to selling inferior products to people who may need their equipment to get paid on the low priority and stay alive to go home safe as the high priority—but this is just me falling back on 23 plus years of hardcore, liability-free bounty hunting.


Real Bounty Hunting is probably the most expensive bail enforcement equipment store on the Internet, and I am comfortable with the fact that it is not a money maker with huge profit margins arriving from marking up potentially useless and inferior equipment bought in bulk and that has utterly failed actual field testing during real bounty hunting operations.


Real Bounty Hunting’s main client base is the nearly 3,000 Alumni of the California Department of Insurance Approved Bail Education School, Bailspeak.ilStated differently, this store caters to people who I have met face to face and spend anywhere between 6 and 22 hours with during bail agent pre licensing and bail continuing education classes.  Besides that, I will not allow any product to be purchased from this store that is, purely and simply, not safe.


Yeah, there are more “affordable” prices out there, but consider a few things: is “affordable” code for inferior; does a “larger selection” help you isolate the “best tool for the job”; is a profit driven merchant really going to be comfortable breaking even on sales to get you the highest quality and street proven products because you and those close to you matter more than the bottom line?


Go Home Safely to Get Paid Safely Please.


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April 2015.

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Some of the Bounty Hunting Topics Covered


  • How to become a fugitive recovery agent
  • How to market and win bounty hunting jobs
  • How to charge bondsmen for bail enforcement work
  • Edged Weapon Defense
  • Weapon Retention
  • Arrest and Control
  • Handcuffing
  • Sucker Punch Defense
  • Take Down
  • Take Down to Prone Control
  • Take Down to control and handcuff
  • Waist Chain Tutorial
  • Shackles Tutorial
  • Etceteras