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Bounty hunters must be prepared to travel to cities, towns, deserts, and the forests in search of wanted felony fugitives, and, sometimes, bail enforcement surveillance is necessary to confirm that a wanted felony fugitive is in a specific location.  To these ends, Bailspeak’s store is now offering ghillie related equipment for today’s bail enforcement agents to blend in like private investigators who contract for workman’s compensation cases.  These ghillie suites have been personally tested by veteran bounty hunters and have been found to be effective.

Bounty Hunting Ghillie Suits for Camoulfaged Investigations

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Ghillie Stalker Poncho

Ghillie Camera Surveillance Wrap


Surveillance by professionally licensed private investigators and hardcore bounty hunters arrives in many different and innovative forms ranging from hiding in plain sight to very literally building a sniper’s styled hide to secure photographic or video evidence of cheating spouses, workman’s compensation felony fraud evidence gathering, and trying to get a positive identification on a wanted felony bail jumper holed up in a rural setting.


Rex Venator himself once arrested a rascal of a bail jumper in a Speedo, though that was a long time ago and such a thing is not advisable for public viewing today; however, the below photos of Rex represents both his private investigations and bounty hunting adaptations to changing conditions in the World of Bounty Hunting.




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Why would a Bounty Hunter or Licensed Private Investigator

ever have use for a Ghillie Suit?


A woman hired the Private Detective Agency operating under the same Venator Group umbrella as the bail school and this online bail enforcement store regarding her husband’s planned “camping trip with friends” somewhere in the Sierra Nevada foothills.  Investigators were able to secure very compelling photographic evidence for the client regarding the spouse that WAS NOT out for the weekend camping with “friends” plural.  The spouse was camping with a “friend” (bookkeeper) singular.  It was not easy to get close enough out in the very isolated bush to get good photographs, but we managed with ghillie suits and camouflage. 


~  Photo Credit, A newly re-hired undercover operative.