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Bounty Hunting Equipment Supply Gear isn’t something to casually gloss over when making the decision to become a fugitive recovery agent tasked with bail enforcement operations understanding that if a fugitive recovery apprehension investigation were easy then you would never have received the call for civil contract enforcement on a private bail bond contract to help a wayward bail jumper find his or her way back to have breakfast, lunch or dinner with his or her sheriff in the first place; indeed, you will get the call to hunt down a wanted felony bail jumper because it will be difficult and potentially dangerous.


Moreover, currently active fugitive recovery agents are reporting in from throughout California that there is a discernable shift insofar that serious considerations are given to high-end and not discounted agent safety equipment such as Level IIIA Kevlar, Taser CEW products, and more identifiable raid jackets and patches that specifically indicate that which a modern day bounty hunter operates.


Bailspeak’s Real Bounty Hunting Fugitive Recovery online equipment store has been totally renovated, with more field tested products coming online soon, and with plans to offer a much wider variety of safety equipment in addition to the currently offered tactical medicine blowout kits and training, Kevlar helmets, Extreme Sports Body Cams, and Taser Conducted Electrical Weapons and bail enforcement agent Taser User Certification.


This Bailspeak Bounty Hunting Store IS NOT the result of people with No Experience in anyway whatsoever in private bail fugitive recovery who are somehow affiliated with or operate a police supply online store and are, for all intents and purposes, dilettantes when it comes to what the Professional Bounty Hunter needs in the field and in the furtherance of going home safely to get paid safely far and apart from sight unseen, inferior products with the priority being profit margins versus your safety.


Coming Soon to the Bailspeak Online Store – Verified Persons who can legally possess certain items will be able to Will Call pickup at any Live Bailspeak Training Event including AR500 Rifle Plates, Radio Communications, and the All New Article VIII Women’s line of upper body clothing in addition to currently available Bailspeak products available now for order and will-call pickup.


Order your Controlled Products Ten (10) Business Days from your 20 Hour Bail Agent Pre Licensing Class in Roseville, Sacramento, Lathrop, Modesto, Bakersfield, Santa Ana, Glendale, Torrance, Los Angeles County, and San Diego County to have your order ready for delivery by Bailspeak Cadre or Support Staff.

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Welcome to the Official Bailspeak Online Store where you can Arrange to have Your Bail Enforcement Equipment Order Ready for Pick-Up and Delivered by one of the Bailspeak “Ladies,” Bailspeak’s Instructor Cadre, and by Rex Venator at any live Bailspeak Bail Training Event!


Rex Venator and his Partner of 12-Years Fine Tuning Which Bounty Hunting Equipment Works and which types of Fugitive Recovery Gear that did not.

- Circa Early 90s


Every Bail Jumper Investigation is unique and may require  different types of tactical awareness and the fugitive recovery safety clothing and restraints that go with changing conditions.

~ Circa 1996

Success in Bail Enforcement jobs arrives from being able to adapt to changes in weather as well.  Rex is seen above about to book a bail jumper during the hot Summer months.

~ Circa 2004

Thank you for taking a moment to visit the newly renovated and Official Bailspeak online Bail Fugitive Recovery Professional Equipment and Supply Store for Bail Enforcement Agents who are training for and who are actively practicing the Bounty Hunting Arts.

This bounty hunting online store is unlike any other website you may ever come across on the Internet largely because it is not the atypical virtual net that is cast out to randomly gather potential customers; this simple to navigate bail pro store has been carefully constructed to isolate what the professional bail enforcement agent may need in terms of going home safely to get paid safely and even close bail jumper cases from home with advanced bounty hunting bail motion training and educational materials available via this unique website and its various sister websites.


Real Bounty Hunting is the vision of Rex Venator “Rex” who has a 23 year plus history as a bail industry veteran with a combined military and law enforcement and bounty hunting history now exceeding 30 years and with more than 17 of those years spent as a licensed bail bond company owner; moreover, Rex runs the fastest growing, most transparent, and most trusted name in California Bail Education—Bailspeak.


Rex decided to demolish the existing online fugitive recovery equipment store and replace it with a mission specific bail pro store for Bailspeak’s students, Alumni, and California Bail Industry professionals.


You will find what Rex considers controlled and sensitive equipment on this online store such as Kevlar products, Conducted Electrical Weapons known to the public-at-large as “tasers,” stun guns, and most of which are “will-call” only to the extent that Bailspeak’s future alumni, Alumni and law abiding folks can order their equipment no less than ten days in advance of any Bailspeak class and have his or her order ready for pick-up at a class to attend or location where classes are held in-person and often from Rex himself.


Bailspeak’s 20 Hour Bail Agent Pre Licensing, Continuing Bail Education Courses, Taser User Certification Classes, and PC 1299 Specific Tactical Medicine Courses have been and will be held in the following locations: Sacramento, Roseville, Modesto, San Jose, Fresno, Bakersfield, Los Angeles County, Riverside and San Diego.


Like the Bail Industry and Bail Education, available equipment and tactics evolve and so shall this Professional Online Bail Fugitive Recovery Mission Specific Equipment Supply Store.


Please feel free to visit again soon online or in-person at any upcoming Bailspeak Bail Education Event ~ Enjoy, The Bailspeak “Ladies.”



BOUNTY HUNTING Life Safety Training and Equipment can and should be a thoughtful set of considerations with many seemingly unrelated subjects and disciplines that can and do intertwine to form what new and veteran bounty hunters may want to take up and study while deciding which pieces of equipment and training all fit together with an emphasis on why something works while other pieced together compilations of equipment and training do not.


“Trying out a new piece of equipment” in real-life wanted felony fugitive apprehension operations is an interesting proposal largely because it is difficult to simulate how the wilds of bail enforcement critical incidents will evolve in real-time and with instantaneous decisions possibly resulting in long term consequences, exempli gratia—a big fugitive recovery commission or long prison sentence.


After decades of Research, Development, Prototyping, Controlled Testing, Field Testing and producing reproducible results, the joining of a California Department of Insurance Approved Bail Agent and Bail Fugitive Recovery Pre Licensing set of training courses that also has an Online Bounty Hunting Pro Store recently revamped and now undergoing further refinement with new equipment and educational offerings is now operational and routinely resulting in both maxed out classes and depleted product inventories that are quick to be replenished.


There are thousands of Bailspeak Alumni today, so this bail school and its sister online store are not new but are together ever evolving in the furtherance of providing an invaluable service to the California Justice System and to the People of the State of California  who have the right to bail while awaiting adjudication of their pending criminal matters.


Go Home Safely to Get Paid Safely ~ Rex Venator


Note: Always study the laws in your state and consult an attorney who has a working knowledge of bail before attempting to or actually apprehending a bail jumper who may or may not be the bail jumper being sought, or who may no longer be a bail jumper and all while surrounded by Smartphone video cameras ready to make you the next viral Internet sensation followed by being tried in the “court of public opinion.”

Congratulations to the 98.6% First Time Bail Exam Pass score report from a Bailspeak Alumni and 100% of the reported first time bail exam passes over the last four Bailspeak classes plus the following quotes:


“I passed (bail agent exam) on Thursday; thanks for the help, and YES, you were right that I would pass! And as I went through my notes from class I had a detailed description of all three licenses that you had explained. I was just nervous about passing and now I'm going for my "Bail Fugitive Recovery Class" ... Thank You for your Patience and Knowledge as well as Inspiring me to be a P.I. as well.


I someday would like to possibly teach a course like you do, but know I have a lot to learn about this business?


You are an AWESOME Instructor and Role Model I look up too!”


THANKS ~ Bailspeak Alumni, Charlie Anaya Jr. -  2015 – Facebook



"If the background check goes well (which it should) I will finally have the career I have dreamed of. HUGE shout out to Rex Venator & Bailspeak Pre Licensing Ed for being the stepping stone to making dreams come true. I cannot express my gratitude and appreciation for all that you have done for me and my family enough."

~ Bailspeak Alumnae, June 8, 2015 – Facebook



"I passed my test through the California department of insurance for my bail exam. I was overwhelmed from all the encouraging words from my friends and family. I want to thank Rex Venator and Bailspeak for offering such An awesome and informative class. Taking the class offered by Bailspeak really just gave me personal confirmation of how much I enjoy the bail industry. I'm so excited to move forward with my career!"


~ Bailspeak Alumnu,

June 9, 2015 – Facebook