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The Legal Authorities Regarding whether or not Bounty Hunters Can Carry Firearms arrive from a plethora of Disjointed PC Sections, Published Case Cites and all of which cannot be quickly described or taught and requires Protracted Course Studies to include the Lawful Bounty Hunting and what Constitutes the Lawful use of Force to Apprehend a Bail Jumper.

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  • California Legal Authorities for Bounty Hunters to Carry Firearms
  • Making the Right Bail Enforcement Firearms Choices
  • Bounty Hunting Specific Firearms Equipment Choices
  • Fugitive Recovery Weapon Retention
  • Lawful Transportation of Firearms
  • How to Approach a Bail Jumper
  • How to Advance on a Code 6 Single Story Structure
  • How to Approach an Apartment Complex
  • How Approach a Trailer Park
  • How to Search for Bail Jumpers while Armed
  • Tactical Withdrawal from Structure or Location
  • Responsive Self-Defense Training Under Fire
  • Tactical Withdrawal Under Fire
  • And Much More!

How to Transport Bounty Hunting Self-Defense Firearms and Fugitive Recovery Equipment in a Pickup Truck


Truck Bed covers and organizers may be critical to fugitive recovery agents practicing the bounty hunting arts as bail enforcement agents in order to protect valuable equipment such as night vision, firearms and other types of digital equipment from inclement weather and even smash and grab opportunists that may only have to reach into the back of a truck bed.


More importantly, the right combination of locked containers may be necessary legally transport firearms, generally speaking, in some states but with specific emphasis on California.


A more specialized type of hunting is that of the professional bail enforcement agent who is hunting wanted felony fugitives for the purposes of exonerating a bail bond as an agent for a bail bonds company or bail insurance company.


Rex Venator is a professional bounty hunter of more than 22 years, a bail bond agency owner, and the primary instructor for California’s Fastest Growing, Most Transparent and Most Trusted name in bail agent pre licensing for both aspiring bail bond workers and fugitive recovery agents—Bailspeak.


In this video, Rex spends an exceptional amount of time explaining why he chose the Dodge Ram 1500, Leer 700 Tonneau Truck Bed Cover and the Decked truck bed organizer and how it all works near symbiotically with the equipment of a professional hunter of mammals that can and do shoot back.

Legal Authorities Bounty Hunters Firearms California


A Bounty Hunter Works to Enforce a Private, Civil Contract that MAY Involve the Hunting of Wanted Felony Bail Jumpers who can and Have Violently Resisted Bail Apprehension and with Lethal Force, thus Bail Specific Weapons Tactics are Hyper-Critical and within the Scope and Meaning of Legally Operating in a Civilized Society where the Chief Goal is to go Home Safely to Get Paid Safely—Liability-Free.



Safety – Shoot; Don’t Shoot - Instinctive Shooting – Weapon Retention

Bounty Hunters, referred to by some bail industry insiders as bail enforcement agents or fugitive recovery agents, are, undeniably, integral parts of the private bail contract between the surety and government whereby the surety guarantees the appearance of the accused bail clients who, sometimes, opt to violently resist by and through varying degrees of aggression ranging from simply evading bounty hunters on foot, actively attacking bounty hunters by hand, using edged weapons offensively, making an effort to take bounty hunters’ firearms, and also showing wanton disregard for human life by recklessly committing murders of bail agents “bail bondsmen” who are bounty hunting.


Bail is very complex and a largely misunderstood component of the American Justice System, and there are some anonymous amoebas urging people to shoot and kill bounty hunters on Internet message boards on the grounds that “bounty hunters have no right” to step foot on another’s property.  The last person in a high profile case who murdered bail agents recently took a plea deal to serve 38 years in prison, so it isn’t difficult to understand why relying on a random dirt-bag’s ignorant and irresponsible call for the murder of bounty hunters is why such a piece of scumbag filth would remain anonymous.


Nevertheless, I cannot attach any wisdom to avoiding the need for personal safety defense firearms training to include Bounty Hunter Tactical Medicine training, weapon retention training, and these are very complicated areas of high-risk fugitive recovery that require protracted study and Research and Development efforts.


One area that is constantly the subject of questions and discussions is that concerning personal safety firearms, holsters, and ammunition choices.


While there are hundreds of books and an equal number of authors from different backgrounds who form their individual theories from their separate and distinct backgrounds in law enforcement and military and outdoor survival foundational principles, the plethora of information is overwhelming and nearly impossible to sort out for modern-day bounty hunters.


A bounty hunter is a private citizen enforcing a private civil contract and is not acting as an agent of the state to the extent that bounty hunters are not peace officers, cops or law enforcement or in any way working as government employees—bounty hunters are private citizens with legal authority arriving from Old English Common Law and court holdings reinforced by modern-day penal  and civil law; nevertheless, bounty hunters do investigate, track, locate, apprehend and book wanted misdemeanor and felony fugitives who either failed to meet the terms and conditions of their private bail contracts or the orders of a court, thus becoming contractual risks or bail jumpers.


WHEREAS, this State-of-the-Art, cutting-edge bail bond and bounty hunting school is actively creating a mission specific personal self-defense firearms training course that separates the myths from actual legal authorities and will provide bounty hunters with the knowledge and practical training to operate legally, safely and with an emphasis on going home safely to get paid safely and after booking wayward bail bond clients safely into county jails.


More to Follow ~ Rex Venator, Bailspeak Director and Primary Instructor


Bail Enforcement Online Classes Available April 2015.

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Some of the Bounty Hunting Topics Covered


  • How to become a fugitive recovery agent
  • How to market and win bounty hunting jobs
  • How to charge bondsmen for bail enforcement work
  • Edged Weapon Defense
  • Weapon Retention
  • Arrest and Control
  • Handcuffing
  • Sucker Punch Defense
  • Take Down
  • Take Down to Prone Control
  • Take Down to control and handcuff
  • Waist Chain Tutorial
  • Shackles Tutorial
  • Etceteras