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Dear Bailspeak Students, Alumni and Interested Parties,

The totally renovated Bailspeak Online Fugitive Recovery Bounty Hunting Store has turned out to be rather laborious and is starting to look like an online store with new product lines and a collection of field tested and street proven products in one spot for the complete bail enforcement agent tools of the trade rapid deployment kits.


This easy to navigate website, while simple in first impression appearances, is a daunting task to accomplish; however, this online store is slowly starting to come together with new vendors and new products.


Interestingly, new vendor negotiations have been considerably less problematic now that the Bailspeak Brand and its proven benefits to the few vendors who gave Bailspeak a chance have enjoyed growing business relationships.


Never one to lose a lesson, this goes to incontrovertible evidence that we won’t know if we don’t try, and, if we build our reputations on what we’ve done, our reputations make where we’re going a much more easygoing task.


As always, I offer many thanks to those who had the vision to give Bailspeak a chance to prove itself and enjoy its vision in mutually beneficial business relationships heretofore.

Copyright 2014 Bailspeak, All Rights Reserved


Welcome to the Official Bailspeak Online Store where you can Arrange to have Your Bail Enforcement Equipment Order Ready for Pick-Up and Delivered by one of the Bailspeak “Ladies,” Bailspeak’s Instructor Cadre, and by Rex Venator at any live Bailspeak Bail Training Event!


Rex Venator and his Partner of 12-Years Fine Tuning Which Bounty Hunting Equipment Works and which types of Fugitive Recovery Gear that did not.

- Circa Early 90s


Every Bail Jumper Investigation is unique and may require  different types of tactical awareness and the fugitive recovery safety clothing and restraints that go with changing conditions.

~ Circa 1996

Success in Bail Enforcement jobs arrives from being able to adapt to changes in weather as well.  Rex is seen above about to book a bail jumper during the hot Summer months.

~ Circa 2004

Thank you for taking a moment to visit the newly renovated and Official Bailspeak online Bail Fugitive Recovery Professional Equipment and Supply Store for Bail Enforcement Agents who are training for and who are actively practicing the Bounty Hunting Arts.

This bounty hunting online store is unlike any other website you may ever come across on the Internet largely because it is not the atypical virtual net that is cast out to randomly gather potential customers; this simple to navigate bail pro store has been carefully constructed to isolate what the professional bail enforcement agent may need in terms of going home safely to get paid safely and even close bail jumper cases from home with advanced bounty hunting bail motion training and educational materials available via this unique website and its various sister websites.


Real Bounty Hunting is the vision of Rex Venator “Rex” who has a 23 year plus history as a bail industry veteran with a combined military and law enforcement and bounty hunting history now exceeding 30 years and with more than 17 of those years spent as a licensed bail bond company owner; moreover, Rex runs the fastest growing, most transparent, and most trusted name in California Bail Education—Bailspeak.


Rex decided to demolish the existing online fugitive recovery equipment store and replace it with a mission specific bail pro store for Bailspeak’s students, Alumni, and California Bail Industry professionals.


You will find what Rex considers controlled and sensitive equipment on this online store such as Kevlar products, Conducted Electrical Weapons known to the public-at-large as “tasers,” stun guns, and most of which are “will-call” only to the extent that Bailspeak’s future alumni, Alumni and law abiding folks can order their equipment no less than ten days in advance of any Bailspeak class and have his or her order ready for pick-up at a class to attend or location where classes are held in-person and often from Rex himself.


Bailspeak’s 20 Hour Bail Agent Pre Licensing, Continuing Bail Education Courses, Taser User Certification Classes, and PC 1299 Specific Tactical Medicine Courses have been and will be held in the following locations: Sacramento, Roseville, Modesto, San Jose, Fresno, Bakersfield, Los Angeles County, Riverside and San Diego.


Like the Bail Industry and Bail Education, available equipment and tactics evolve and so shall this Professional Online Bail Fugitive Recovery Mission Specific Equipment Supply Store.


Please feel free to visit again soon online or in-person at any upcoming Bailspeak Bail Education Event ~ Enjoy, The Bailspeak “Ladies.”